Young Girl Artists

December 14, 2017

At Girl Museum, we have made a commitment to celebrating young girls - in both the past and the present. This means that we usually celebrate historical and social topics, but today we'd like to turn to something that museums are traditionally known for: art. There are so many young girls and women who are using art to make an impact on the world. With the advent of social media, many of these girls have taken to platforms like Instagram and Tumblr to share, celebrate, and utilize their work for social change. In this episode, we explore the works of five incredible girl artists, and take a look at our latest exhibition, Breathing Lessons by darlene anita scott.

Join us to discover the works of Kathrin Honesta (@kathrinhonestaa), Pranita Kochareka (@pranitart), Desiree De Leon (@dcossyle), Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (@tlynnfaz), and Aprill Hogue (@littlemsaprill) and get a sneak peek into one of our favorites works from Breathing Lessons.